Hannover R眉ck SE Succur颅sale Fran颅莽aise (Hannover Re France) is located in Paris. Our dedi颅cated team of rein颅surance experts has a high level of decision-making autho颅rity and pro颅vides a wide range of support from tradi颅tional rein颅surance treaties to struc颅tured trans颅actions and regular premium annuity treaties. We offer quotes on all types of traditional term businesses, un颅employ颅ment schemes, and health business.

Our repu颅tation as a leading rein颅surer in the French market is excellent; we are known for being easy to do business with and our strong focus on buil颅ding long term partner颅ships. Many of our clients have been with us for more than 30 years. Our business model in the French market is based on our specia颅lised service offering for whole颅sale brokers, for whom we create specific insu颅rance products and then find an insu颅rance company to under颅write the risk.

In line with the pionee颅ring spirit of the Hannover Re Group, we diver颅sified into micro颅insurance products some years ago. Our unique exper颅tise in this area has paved the way for Hannover Re鈥檚 major success in India.

Besides France, we also service the markets of Belgium, the聽Middle East and North Africa.