As a reinsurer, we enter into a broad variety of risks which, on the one hand, open up opportunities for profit but, on the other hand, can also have adverse implications for our company. Our goal is to make optimal use of opportunities while at the same time adequately controlling and managing the risks associated with our commercial activities. The risk strategy derived from the corporate strategy forms the basis for our approach to handling opportunities and risks.

Business opportunity management

Our "Innovation Management" unit analyses business ideas and opportunities systematically with the aim of generating new business and fostering sustainable growth. The networking of the innovative minds involved gives rise to close links with other projects, working groups and bodies, such as with the working group on “Emerging Risks und Scientific Affairs". Ideas contributed by the global network have been realised as innovative insurance solutions and successfully established on the market by primary insurance partners.

Hannover Re offers entrepreneurial talents an environment for successful start-up and expansion projects in the field of (re)insurance. We want to work together with them to turn their idea into reality. For this reason we seek to play a supporting role and to enable them to develop their project in a purposeful manner. For our company, it goes without saying that their idea will be treated confidentially and with integrity.

With extensive contacts in the global insurance industry, Hannover Re is well placed to host an innovation platform allowing insurtechs to market their solutions exclusively to our clients. Our clients in turn have direct access to a pool of services and solutions, as well as business cases demonstrating successful implementations around the world. Solutions and services can be pitched on

We can offer:

  • A network in the insurance sector
  • Expert knowledge
  • Support with obtaining licences
  • Funding assistance

Risk management

Through our global orientation and our operations in all lines of reinsurance we achieve extensive risk equalisation. In particular, diversification between our Property & Casualty and Life & Health reinsurance business groups enables us to effectively deploy our capital.

We manage our total enterprise risk such that we can expect to generate positive Group net income with a probability of 90% and the likelihood of the complete loss of our economic equity and shareholders’ equity does not exceed 0.03% p. a. These indicators are monitored using our internal capital model.

The rating agency Standard & Poor's assessed Hannover Re's risk management as "Very Strong", the highest rating.

Risk landscape

The risk landscape of Hannover Re encompasses technical risks in property/casualty and life/health reinsurance, market risks, counterparty default risks, operational risks and other risks. The specific risk characteristics and the principal monitoring and management mechanisms are described in detail in the respective sections of the current Group Annual Report.