In today鈥檚 markets the early recog颅nition, evalu颅ation and assess颅ment of risks is becoming increa颅singly impor颅tant and requires long-standing experi颅ence, sound research and careful analysis of data.

Our risk solu颅tions are targeted at provi颅ding compe颅titive terms and appro颅priate capacity for all types of tech颅nical risks.

Although tradi颅tional rein颅surance is a rein颅surer鈥檚 bread and butter busi颅ness, we take it one step further: we take a consul颅tative approach to our client relation颅ships. Our solu颅tions range from standar颅dised products to inge颅nious tailor-made solu颅tions, enabling our clients to risk appro颅priate, sustai颅nable and well founded decisions.

Hannover Re is amongst the leading provi颅ders of life and health re颅insurance concepts and is well-posi颅tioned as far as breadth of port颅folio, expertise and cost-effective颅ness is concerned.