Established in 2007, Hannover Life Reassurance Bermuda Ltd. (HLR Bermuda) works closely with its parent and sister compa颅nies to provide finan颅cial solutions for clients world颅wide.

We also assist clients with both tradi颅tional rein颅surance and longe颅vity solutions.

We seek to reinsure mainly third-party insurers, with intra-group retro颅cession repre颅senting only a smaller part of our business.

We operate in one of the world鈥檚 leading (re)insu颅rance juris颅dic颅tions. During our short history, we have deve颅loped success颅ful rein颅surance partner颅ships with clients in Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe: testa颅ment to our superior financial security, tech颅nical exper颅tise and client-orien颅tated service.

One key factor in our success has been our dedi颅cated specialist team of pro颅fessionals who work closely with our clients to develop and deliver the optimum solution in a timely manner. Another is our inter颅national network pro颅viding support on market specifics.

These strengths have helped us create successful partnerships with clients in many different parts of the world.